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Frequently asked questions

What is the Potluck Food Co-op?
The Potluck Food Co-op is the Yukon's only member-owned grocery store. It was established by Yukoners looking for an easier way to buy organic, sustainable food sourced as close to home as possible. The co-op has been open since November 2013. Members can order food any time through an online service, and orders can be picked up monthly.

Where does the co-op get its start-up money from?
The vast majority of the financing comes from within the co-op's own membership. Each member purchases a one-time membership of $250. Donations of any amount are, of course, welcome.

What services or products does it provide?
The co-op offers organic or sustainably grown food, sourced as close to home as possible. The online grocery list currently includes seasonal fruits and vegetables. The store also sells a variety of dried goods such as beans, grains and nuts. Members can order poultry, meat, dairy products and eggs through the co-op. The Potluck Food Co-op product list and pricing continue to undergo refinements as relationships with local and regional suppliers are established.

How is purchasing through the Potluck Food Co-op different from buying food from farmers' markets or from local farmers directly?
One of the benefits of buying food through the Potluck Food Co-op is convenience. Each month the Operations Coordinator contacts local and regional suppliers to find out what is fresh and available. Based on that, a grocery order list is e-mailed to members, and if a member chooses to place an order it will be due back in five days. There is no minimum purchase per member. On pick-up day, the member collects their order at the co-op's downtown location and heads home with delicious, healthy food.

What are the benefits of having a food co-op in the Yukon?
Having a food co-op makes locally and regionally grown organic and sustainable food more readily available to Yukoners. It gives Yukoners an easy and convenient way to invest in their food security and their community, and it offers a venue for Yukoners to shop with 'carbon footprint' in mind while supporting local farmers. If local farmers have a guaranteed market for their product, they will be far more likely to grow or raise additional food to meet the demand. In this way the co-op acts as a catalyst for growing the local agricultural economy and addressing food security issues.

How does the cost of food purchased through the food co-op compare with local grocery stores?
The food co-op always endeavors to sell food at a price that is fair to both the consumer and producer. In some cases, this means the food may cost a bit more than that from a big box store. Every purchase at the Potluck Food Co-op is about more than dollars and cents. It is about farmers earning a fair wage for their work, taking care of the land, investing in healthy food that supports our healthy bodies and building community.

How do I become a member of the co-op?
It's quick and easy to purchase your membership here on our website by clicking on this link.

Once I am a member, what is expected of me?
Member shares do not come with a requirement to volunteer at the Potluck Food Co-op, but it does come with an encouragement to do so. The request is that all members commit time to engaging in the development of the organization by attending general meetings, bringing forward suggestions and feedback, voting on important matters, and lending a bit of volunteer help when they can. Members are encouraged to make the Potluck Food Co-op their "first-stop shop" for all their grocery needs and to encourage friends and family to become members, too. Remember that the food co-op is a business; if the business is to survive and thrive, our members must purchase as much of their food as is possible from the co-op on a regular basis.

As a Yukon farmer, what are the benefits of my becoming a member of the co-op?
One of the main goals of the Potluck Food Co-op is to help local farmers grow their businesses. Having a committed consumer base that purchases a set amount of product each year will give farmers the security they need to produce food and even expand their operations. Moreover, the Potluck Food Co-op takes care of the marketing for the farmer, enabling them to spend more time farming. See our For Producers page for more information.