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About the club

The Potluck Food Club’s goal is to provide Yukoners with local, organic, and sustainable food that is sourced as close to home as possible.

The club began as a co-op back in 2009, when a group of dedicated foodies got together to find a better way to provide healthy, ethical and responsible food for our families. In 2013, we hired staff and began operating our on-line grocery store in November, quickly adding the pop-up shop to take advantage of extra inventory. Since 2017, we’ve operated as a monthly buying club.

By becoming a member, you are voting with your food dollars. However, every purchase through the Potluck Food Club is about more than dollars and cents. It is about farmers earning a fair wage for their work, taking care of the land, building community, and investing in healthy food that nurtures our bodies.

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The Board of Directors

Alison Reid

Simone Rudge

Christina Sobol

Bernd Hoeschele



Please consider joining our Board of Directors! You would be working with a highly dedicated team of people enthusiastic about facilitating local food production, increasing food security, and giving people in our community greater access to healthy food.

If you're interested in joining the Board, or would just like to learn more about the club, please contact us.