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We are pleased to offer certified organic regional produce to our members in bulk and produce bags.

Bulk produce
Because produce is ever-changing, we have selected the staple items that are always available, seasonally, but substitutions of variety may occur when we place our order. If you are ordering a case and are looking for a specific variety, please email us at info@potluckcoop.com following placement of you order.

Produce bags (please bring your own bag for packing)
We also now offer produce bags that are a selection of staple vegetables or fruit. We will select produce from as close to home as possible, with a focus on hardy produce, avoiding unusual varieties or exotics.

We are pleased to help you find exactly what you need, so if you are looking for something that you do not see here, please contact us at info@potluckcoop.com or 867-336-4663 so we can help.


Bag 1: Vegetables
Discovery - D0001

1 bag of in-season staple vegetables such as leafy greens, onions, leeks, and carrots. From as close to home as possible; Organic

Bag 2: Fruit
Discovery - D0002

1 bag of in-season staple fruits such as apples, oranges, limes and pears. From as close to home as possible; Organic



Bulk, Apples
Discovery - D0003

1 x 38 lb
BC; Organic

Bulk, Avocado
Discovery - D0004

1 x 16 count
Mexico; Organic

Bulk, Beets, Red
Discovery - D0009

1 x 10 lb
BC or CA; Organic

Bulk, Carrots Bunch
Discovery - D0010

1 x 12 count
California; Organic

Bulk, Carrots Juice
Discovery - D0012

1 x 25 lb
BC or California; Organic

Bulk, Carrots Table
Discovery - D0011

1 x 25 lb
California; Organic

Bulk, Cauliflower
Discovery - D0013

1 x 6 count
California; Organic

Bulk, Cucumber
Discovery - D0014

1 x 12 count
BC or Mexico; Organic

Bulk, Dates
Discovery - D0005

1 x 11 lb
California; Organic

Bulk, Garlic
Discovery - D0015

1 x 5 lb
Argentina or BC; Organic

Bulk, Ginger
Discovery - D0016

1 x 3 lb
Hawaii; Organic

Bulk, Kale
Discovery - D0017

1 x 12 count
California or Mexico; Organic

Bulk, Lemons
Discovery - D0006

1 x 10 lb
California; Organic

1 x 5 lb
BC; Organic

Bulk, Onion, Yellow, Medium
Discovery - D0019

1 x 50 lb
California or Washington; Organic

Bulk, Oranges, Navel
Discovery - D0007

1 x 38 lb
CA or MX; Organic

Bulk, Pears
Discovery - D0008

1 x 40 lb
Washington; Organic

Bulk, Pepper, Red
Discovery - D0020

1 x 11 lb
Mexico; Organic

Bulk, Potato, Yellow
Discovery - D0021

1 x 50
BC or Alberta; Organic

Bulk, Tomato, Cherry
Discovery - D0022

1 x 12 pints
Mexico; Organic

Bulk, Tomato, Vine
Discovery - D0023

1 x 11 lb
Mexico; Organic

Bulk, Yam
Discovery - D0024

1 x 40 lb
California; Organic